Vintage Fender Super Champ Amplifier Amp W/extras

Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
   US $649.00
 40551404419719630 Vintage Fender Super Champ Amplifier Amp W/extras


For sale from my personal amplifier collection is a 1984 Fender Super Champ Amp in excellent condition. This is an amplifier designed by Paul Rivera and is the most collectible Fender from his era. This amplifier is all tube and completely hand wired. The amplifier features front panel switch-able and footswitch-able channels, with distortion and reverb. With 18 watts and a 10” original Fender speaker, it is a small-box gig-worthy powerhouse! It blows any amp even near its class. It is in excellent condition.

I had the foremost amp tech in the SE, add a speaker jack on the rear panel to allow the amp to be hooked up to any 8 ohm speaker cabinet for more sound possibilities. Fender provided this jack in the first production run of these amps and then just had two wires coming from a hole in the panel running to the speaker. Most Super Champs do not have a speaker jack forcing the user to only use the built-in speaker. He was able to duplicate the early amp production type jack position and make it appear like original equipment. In my opinion, Fender decided to same a couple of bucks per amp by running the speaker wires through a hole, instead of using a jack. A vintage Fender speaker plug was used to terminate the wires to enable the jack to be used. This makes the amp more usable. Two screen resistors were also added to prolong tube life (that Fender did not use in the Super Champs, but most of their other amps). This feature will save you money in the long run. Everything else was checked out and a set of matched power tubes ( 6V6) were installed. Otherwise, the amp is untouched, as shipped from Fender. (All work done is reversible). The amp has probably had 6 hours of use since the check-up.

If you will look at the pictures, I replaced the original Fender logo with a tailed Fender logo ($60) to match the other Blackface Amps that I own. Both logo plates, the original and the vintage tailed logo (with extra screws) are included and can easily be changed, back and forth, as desired.

I had Custom Covers make a slipcover for this amplifier ($45 value) and this is included. Also, very few Super Champ owners bought the special footswitch for this amplifier. It was an expensive option in its day and Fender made only a few and then stopped production over 15 years ago. These footswitches are rare. A standard footswitch will not work. To really enjoy better control of this amp, the original footswitch is required. I am including an original Fender Super Champ footswitch in the sale ($175 value). Lastly, the Super Champ used an uncommon tube in the circuitry, namely the 6C10. As these are not stocked at your local music store, I bought two RCA NOS spare 6C10 tubes ($55 value) and included them in this sale. A copy of the circuit drawing and the original owners manual is also included.

In summary, this is an amazing amplifier. It comes with the original footswitch, a slip cover, a vintage tailed Fender logo, and two spare tubes and a manual. I have posted pictures of the amp with both logos, rear shots showing the speaker jack (with the upper panel removed), the footswitch, the tubes , from different angles and with the slip cover installed. If you have any questions or want more pictures, please contact me. The amp will arrive well packaged and insured. Thanks for looking.


18W through a 10” Fender Special Design Speaker

(2) 6V6

(1) 6C10

(1) 12AT7

(1) 12AX7

The amplifier is sold-as. I will only ship to the lower 48 states.

 40551404419719631 Vintage Fender Super Champ Amplifier Amp W/extras

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