Fender G-dec 15 Pr520 Amplifier

Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
   US $649.00
 162411505405271550 Fender G dec 15 Pr520 Amplifier

This is a used Fender G-DEC Guitar Amp. It has an 8" speaker & 15 watts of power. The black tolex shows some light scuffing - but no rips or nicks. It is very clean and in excellent working
condition. You can connect a CD or MP3 player up to this amp or use the built-in drum machine & backing loops. Auction is for the amp + power
cord. An excellent amp for beginners to learn with.

Solo over backing tracks and develop your chops in any style with an array of thrilling tones at your fingertips!

Learning to play guitar can be hard, but the Fender
G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center makes it easy and fun. As
simple to learn as a new video game, the G-DEC has lots to offer for
brand-newbies, guit-athletes, and songwriter-types alike. You can
quickly plug in and solo over backing tracks and practice with a
full-band arrangement to develop your chops in nearly any style.

the heart of the G-DEC is a 15W amp and 8" speaker combo with the
familiar Fender look and feel. But that's just for starters. This
one-of-a-kind combo adds a digital LCD screen; lots of guitar tones;
selectable drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments; reverb, echo,
and other effects; a tuner; a phrase sampler with line in and slow down;
an internal synth with MIDI; and a shoulder strap for easy transport.
So you've got the ultimate practice partner, rhythm section, and
song-inspiration platform all wrapped up in an easy-to-use combo amp.

G-DEC is loaded with 50 Performance Presets that each include a drum
loop, bass line, guitar amp tone, and effects. There are 50 user
presets, tons of guitar tones, drum loops, a metronome, and backing
tracks in nearly every style so you can build your own backing tracks.
You can edit, move around, and store all the Performance Presets. Each
preset includes a guitar tone (built from the following ingredients: Amp
Type, EQ, Compressor, Timbre, Noise Gate, and Effects) and a
drum/backing loop including rhythm instruments.

70 drum/backing
loops and a metronome are included so with the G-DEC you've got a
drummer on tap anytime you want one. There are loops for Rock, Pop,
Metal, Funk, Punk, Jazz, Country, Blues, Latin - pretty much any style
you would want to play guitar over.

The amp settings are: Tweed (1-3), Blackface (1-3), Dynatouch (1-4), British (1-3), Modern (1-3), and Acoustic.

are standard tone controls such as Gain, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble,
Noise Gate, and Compressor, as well as special Timbre settings like Full
Body, Full Stack, Razor's Edge, Bright Lite, Bass Boost, Nu Metal,
Super Brite, and Acoustic.

The effects menu includes mono delay,
tape delay, stereo tape delay, ducking delay, reverse delay, autopan
delay, sine chorus, triangle chorus, sine flange, triangle flange,
phaser, tremolo, pitch shift, touch wah, fixed wah, Vibratone,
Autoswell, Alienator, Resolver, fuzz, overdrive, and effective
combinations like touch wah/fuzz, ring modulation/delay, fuzz/delay,
overdrive/delay, chorus/delay, flange/delay, phaser/delay, and
Alienator/delay. There also is an effects level control. Reverb
selections include Ambient, Small Room, Large Room, Small Hall, Large
Hall, Arena, Small Plate, Large Plate, Spring, and '63 Spring.

of the effects available with the Fender G-DEC have parameters that can
be adjusted, so there are an infinite number of possible guitar sounds.

Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center Features:

  • 15W power
  • 8" Fender Special Design speaker
  • One channel with dual inputs (instructor setup)
  • Headphone jack
  • Easy preset navigation
  • Tones from Heavy Metal to Jazz to Punk to Country
  • Selectable drum beats, bass lines, and other instruments
  • 70 preset drum loops and metronome
  • 100 Performance Presets (50 factory, 50 user)
  • 17 amp models
  • 29 studio-quality effects
  • 10 Reverbs
  • Each preset includes a drum loop, bass line, amp tone, and effects
  • LCD screen
  • Controllable tempo
  • Internal synth with MIDI
  • Lots of effects
  • Guitar tuner
  • Internal phrase sampler with line in and slow down
  • Future software upgrades loaded via MIDI
  • Black Tolex with silver grille cloth

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