74 Fender Super Reverb Amplifier

Vintage Original Fender Amplifier Parts Genuine Blackface Brownface Tweed
Vintage Original Fender Amplifier Parts Genuine Blackface Brownface Tweed
   US $2,699.99
 62721304294082920 74 Fender Super Reverb Amplifier

For your consideration via auction this week is my 74 Super Reverb. All matching speaker codes dating from 74, as does the serial number, based on information from a monthly Vintage publication. The tubes, save for one power tube, may be original. There are factory casters. THERE IS NO MASTER VOLUME CONTROL!! SCREAMER!

I bought this amp at Guitar Center last year and have enjoyed having it on gigs. Sounds VERY lush and full in the studio also. I have had no issues with its performance or it's relibality. To me, it has a very good texas blues/classic rock type of sound, with a very round smooth bass response. Feel free to email me with your number, and I will be happy to let you hear her.

I like this amp so much, that when aquired, I sold my JMP Purple 80 half stack, because the Super was smaller with way more response. Now I am having some shoulder issues, and just don't want to move an amp this size any longer.If I had a roadie, you wouldn't be looking at her!

I am a fairly good guy, and have no objections to emails and will happily call if you would prefer...I don't need to maintain my anominity, hell I have been trying to get to be a household word for 40 years, and no one has heard of me yet, so I don't think a phone call is going to spoil it!

Ok- sorry, but time for the business stuff....all sales are final, no refunds or adjustments. I will make every effort to answer ALL of your questions either by mail or phone, but I am not a retailer, and have no return policy. When it closes, you own it. as to shipping, it will be expensive, I am guessing over 70 bucks to the southeast and climbing quick across the Mississippi. Local pickup is perfectly fine. As to the payment for shipping...HEADS UP! THE SHIPPING REQUIRES ME TO PUT SOMETHING THERE BUT IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THE TOTAL! So, here is what we are going to do...I will take the amp to the UPS Store, where I will have them call you /you them, and you can just pay for the packing and shipping handling charge BS....


Thanx for looking, and good luck ya'll!



 62721304294082921 74 Fender Super Reverb Amplifier

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