1962 Fender Brownface Vibrolux Vintage Amplifier 62 Amp

Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
Fender Amps Princeton Recording Amplifier 1x10 tube combo w Footswitch Cover
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 121302706575292550 1962 Fender Brownface Vibrolux Vintage Amplifier 62 Amp

1962 Fender Brownface Vibrolux Amplifier

Up for sale is a vintage brownface era Fender Vibrolux amplifier from 1962. It is in above average to good condition considering it's age. The cabinet has some scuffs, dings and some small areas of peeling tolex. On the upper rear panel is stenciled  'HI-BEAMS", presumeably from the band that owned it prior to me. The handle is non original and the two prong power cord has been replaced by a 3 prong grouned power cord. The speaker is also non original, it's an older EV Force 12 model speaker and actually sounds really good. Some of the capacitors have been replaced (see pics) along with the filter caps. The transformers appear to be original along with alot of the caps. Here are the numbers I pulled off of the components.

Chassis- 01214

Model- 6G11 Production 2

Power Transformer- 125P6A   68409

Output Transormer 125A7A  606-145

Choke- 125C3A

The tubes are a mixture of later model tubes, nothing exotic or NOS. The amp has great volume and ample headroom. She is a blues and Jazz toned monster. Very warm and expressive with a lot of character and swirl. Very strong in the mids with the right amount of bite when you dig in. The vibrato alone is worth the price of admission. very warm and throbbing, much like a vintage Leslie or a UniVibe. She's got vintage pedigree, legendary Fender reliability and power in a highly mobile and reasonably lightweight package. In my opinion, the perfect gigging amp. I'm only selling to fund a high end Gibson hollowbody purchase. No "0" or excessive feedback bidders. Absolutley NO international shipping on this amp, it would cost a fortune! It's a vintage electroncis piece, so it's AS IS! No returns or refunds. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE. I will attempt to answer all questions as best as I can but I am not a vintage amplifier expert nor am I tring to sell this amp as a collector's piece. Thanks for looking and good luck!!



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